Monday, September 17, 2007

The obligatory link post

No blog would be complete without a listing of links. I'll skip most of the usual suspects (news sites, UI databases, etc.) and focus on more shaman- and hunter-specific resources.

Quick links to sections:

  • Non-class specific
  • Gear
  • Theorycrafting/General Guides
  • Other Class Guides
  • Guild Blogs

  • General
    • Elitist Jerks forums - Rather than wade through the morass that is the official forums, I prefer to browse EJ's forums. They have a wealth of information for the high-level raider, including numerous class guides. Despite their name, the majority of the posters are quite helpful and some of the best theorycrafters in the game share their results there. It doesn't hurt that the guild leader is a resto shaman, either.
    • MMO Champion - One of the best sources of WoW news out there, it's always concise and updated frequently.
    • WoW Pro - A great source of WoW guides, including my favorite Alliance levelling guide (used it for both Draezele and my now-retired priest alt). The Horde guide looks good as well, though I haven't really used it. Definitely a great resource if you want to level a character as quickly as possible. And they're all free!
    • WoW Reputation Calculator - A handy tool to show how many repeatable quests and instance runs you need to obtain the next reputation level with each of your Outland factions.
    • MapWoW - A Google-style map of Azeroth and Outlands, complete with locations of herbs, ores and treasure.
    • Aegis Hestia - My guild, Aegis Hestia, on the Scarlet Crusade (RP) server.

    • Cheeky's Hunter DPS Calculator - One of the most complete gear and talent comparators I've ever seen. Want to see just how much better one spec is, or what the effects of swapping gear will be? This'll do it for you. I just wish there was something this slick for all classes. Discussion of Cheeky's spreadsheet can be found here.

    Theorycrafting/General Guides
    • Muderbot's Guide to PvE healing - A fantastic guide to shaman healing, but has lots of other goodies not directly related to healing as well (links, macros, UI suggestions and more!). Currently in revision after being transferred to the Elitist Jerks forums.
    • Rorixx's PvP guide - Rather brief, but has some useful tips and tricks for the PvP-oriented shaman.
    • The One Stop Elemental Shop - Binkenstein has been putting together a great guide of everything you need to know as an Elemental shaman. Still in progress!
    • Enhance Shaman: Collected Works of Theorycraft - A brief (but very complete!) overview of all those things you ever wanted to know about enhancement shaman.
    • Lux et Umbra - A guide to priest PvE healing, but there're a few good tidbits in the "How to Heal" section (post #8).
    • A Good Priest - Although a priest blog, this particular post really should be called "What makes a good healer." It's pretty generic (and is completely non-theorycraft-oriented), but these are good things to keep in mind when learning to heal.

    • Hunter's Lounge - A collection of hunter theorycrafting on the Elitist Jerks forums. It's still a work in progress, but Lactose is one of the "old guard" theorycrafters and I expect great things of this thread.
    • Petopia - I doubt there are many hunters unaware of this site, but just in case, this is the site for choosing your hunter's pet. Especially if looks and style matter to you.
    • Savage: a PvE Hunter Handbook - A good source of general hunter info.
    • Shot Rotation Illustrated - Graphical representations of the hunter's shot rotations. If you ever wondered why hunters are so hard to play in a raid, this will show you.
    • BM Raiding Hunters - A VERY long thread talking about raiding as beastmaster. Worth the read-through, but make sure you have a couple of hours for it.
    • Help Me Please - An eclectic thread on the EJ forums that's been a great source of random theorycrafting tidbits.

    Other Class Guides
    You know, those other classes that you occasionally see around.... These are all collected works of theorycrafting put together by the regulars of the Elitist Jerks Class Mechanics forum.
    Guild Blogs
    I'd be remiss if I didn't hype some of my guildmate's blogs.
    • Resto4Life - Phaelia's discussion of all things druid and the "inspiration" for my blog name.
    • Druid Tank - Currant's thoughts on druid tanking.
    • Parry! Dodge! Spin! - Valenna's rogue-centric blog.
    • Bid Sexy! - Antipas's dedication to tanking and looking good at it at the same time.

    Thanks also to Hackosphere for the primer on selective expandable posts.

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