Monday, January 1, 2001

Tankadin keybindings

Tankadin n52 Layout (updated 5/17)

Oh sh*t! macro


Guardian of Ancient Kings

Engineering belt


Ardent Defender

Hammer of Justice



Avenging Wrath



Ground mount


Flying mount



Shield of the Righteous

Hammer of Wrath


Avenger's Shield

Holy Wrath



Hammer of the Righteous


Crusader Strike

Righteous Defense


Hand of Reckoning

Divine Guardian


Divine Protection

Divine Shield



Lay on Hands


Word of Glory

Hand of Protection


Hand of Salvation

Abilities on top are activated in combination with the thumb key.

Abilities that could use keybindings, but didn't have room for: Exorcism, Divine Plea (gives 3 Holy Power), Hand of Freedom, and Hand of Sacrifice.

Abilities that didn't make the cut and will be clickable items: heal spells, blessings and seals.