Saturday, October 13, 2007

Draezele's UI

Based on the principles I listed in my previous post, I set several specific goals for Draezele's UI:

  • Player, target and raid frames clustered in an easily-visible location.
  • Clickable buttons should be grouped together and less used ones should be hidden except when moused over.
  • Use the fewest possible addons.
  • Reduce the clutter.
So without further ado, here is Draezele's UI...

Base UI
Click to view clean full-size version

1. Player Frame - Using X-Perl UnitFrames.

2-4. Bartender 3 Bars - Both bars labeled "2" are standard bars with a slight transparency (left bar is for consumables, right bar for other frequently-used clickable abilities). The bars labeled "3" (including the mini-menu) are only visible with mouse-over and have even greater transparency. Bar "4" is not intended to be clicked, but monitors spell/item cooldowns that I want easily visible.

5. Totem Timers

6. Chat windows - I use two chat windows: the bottom for general chat (plus /raid, /party and /battleground), and the top only for whispers and /guild chat. This keeps me from losing track of whispers in the spam of battlegrounds or raid emotes. I color-coded each channel to make each visually distinct. I don't display the combat log because I find it just a distraction.

7. FuBar - To the left is LocationFu and RegenFu (displays regen rates and time in 5-second rule), with FactionFu, HonorFu, and Farmer Fu below it. In the center is MoneyFu, BagFu and Durability. To the right are ClockFu, SwitcherFu (switches between full-size and windowed mode), PerformanceFu, UsageFu (shows memory usage), and VolumeFu. Below them is Recount's plugin (disabled in this screen shot), NameToggleFu (turns name plates on and off) plus Aloft, Grid and Bartender's plugins.

8. Mini-Map - Resized and given a new skin using SimpleMinimap. Attached are BC_TrackingMenu and ItemRack. I hid all other minimap icons, prefering to use / commands for the few remaining mods not attached to FuBar.

Raid UI

Click to view clean full-size version

9. Target Frame - Also using X-Perl. Below the target frame are the target's target (left) and target's target's target (right).

10. Focus Frame - From X-Perl. I use /focus for setting my Earth Shield target.

11. Raid Frames - Using Grid and GridManaBars, with only the most critical information displayed. (I'll make a separate post on how I set up Grid later.)

12. Deadly Boss Mods Displays - I chose to move these out of the main field of view so that I didn't clutter my screen.

13. Natur Enemy Cast Bars - I also moved these out the way since they're infrequently referenced.

14. Casting Bar - Using Quartz. I wanted this to be immediately visible, so placed it just below my character. My target's casting bar is placed right beside it so that I can use Earth Shock if appropriate.

I still make the occasional tweak to my setup from time to time (such as adding the Proximo arena frames over the Deadly Boss Mods area), but I'm pretty content with my set up right now.


drugfreeyth said...

how did you set up grid and clique? my attempt to set them up yesterday kind of failed and i was forced back to healbot. thnx for your great blog.

cheers from switzerland

Matt said...

Two questions:

1. How do you handle taking flasks, elixirs and non-common potions (shrouding potion, ogri'la potions, etc.)

2. How do you handle using quest items that would be annoying to click from your bags (daily quest bombs, cooking quest items, etc.)


Draezele said...

@ Drugfreeyth:
I don't actually use Clique, instead I put [target=mouseover] in all of my macros so that I can simply hover over the character's raid frame and then hit the appropriate keybind (no mouse clicking involved). I keep meaning to post about my Grid setup, I'll try to remember to copy down my settings next time I'm on.

@ Matt:
I just use flasks and such directly from my bags. My goal was only to put things on my UI if I needed them in a hurry or used them often.

I didn't include it in my discussion, but I have an additional bar above my character pane with the often-used daily items. It's hidden except on mouse-over, which makes those tasks so much easier without cluttering my UI. If there's another item I often need (Zul'Aman hex sticks, for example), I'll often just drag it to an empty spot on my visible bars and then get rid of it once I'm done.

Matt said...

I've decided to start using Autobar for my potions/flasks, trade skills & various other items I click, but use sparingly.

The main reason for this, is that AutoBar will grab all the special foods, potions, elixirs that are in my bags and sort them easily for me.

It is an Ace mod if you are interested.