Friday, October 19, 2007

Elitist Jerks Class Guides

I've been swamped with work, so haven't had much time for blogging this week. However, I wanted to point out a very useful set of threads on the Elitist Jerks forums. The guild has been encouraging its forum regulars to post compiled class theorycrafting guides and a number of very excellent posts have already been put together. I'll update this list (and my links page) as more are added, but if you're interested in how to play one of these classes well, I'd strongly encourage you to read them. (Some of these are currently works in progress, but I expect them to be fleshed out relatively soon.)

Edit 11/2: New Restoration Druid guide added.


Dante said...

Hey Draezele, just wanted to post a comment and say how much I enjoy and appreciate the site! I only started WoW about 2 months ago (my resto shammy is 44) and it would be hard for me to describe how much this blog has helped me and given me things to think about/try. I work 12 hr night shifts and most internet sites are blocked here except for blogs (thank god), so I have ample time to read/analyze/print out/reread all your posts. Definitely the besto shaman blog I frequent.

Anyway, not sure why I posted this in the class guide post, but it's pretty general so I just wrote in the newest entry. Bravo and keep it up!

Draezele said...

Glad you've found it useful! I've been swamped at work, so I haven't been keeping up with my writing, but hopefully I'll get a chance to catch up soon.

HoSsTa said...

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