Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Healing Gear: Chest, Feet, Hands

The following are ratings of gear for the chest, foot and hand slots. Values are calculated using the weights listed in Healing Gear: General and the methods described in Comparing Healing Gear.


1.333.3[Skyshatter Chestguard]BT: Illidan
2.305.7[Cataclysm Chestguard]TK: Kael'thas
3.300.2[Golden Links of Restoration]MH: Anetheron
4.297.7[Garments of Temperance]BT: Gurtogg
5.277.8[Venegeful Gladiator's Ringmail Armor]1,875
6.273.5[Hauberk of the Empire's Champion]ZA: Zul'jin
7.254.3[Primal Mooncloth Robe]Crafted (BoP)
8.251.9[Cyclone Hauberk]Magtheridon
9.251.6[Merciless Gladiator's Ringmail Armor]1,630
10.244.9[Shimmer-pelt Vest]ZA: Halazzi
11.232.8[Earthblood Chestguard]Kara: Netherspite
12.232.3[Fire Crest Breastplate]TK: Al'ar
13.230.3[Gladiator's Ringmail Armor]14,500, 30
14.225.5[Robes of Heavenly Purpose]ZA: Nalorakk
15.205.6[Stonebough Jerkin]Kara: Nightbane
16.201.7[Don Rodrigo's Poncho]MH: Azgalor
17.193.7[Gnarled Chestpiece of the Ancients]SSC: Morogrim
18.185.3[Harness of the Deep Currents]Shadow Lab: Murmur
19.180.4[Void Slayer's Tunic]Quest
20.178.2[Earthpeace Breastplate]Crafted (BoE)

Note: Ratings for all Gladiator chest items ignore socket bonuses
in favor of three [Royal Nightseye].

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1.221.4[Two-toed Sandals]ZA: Zul'jin
2.217.8[Treads of the Life Path]60
3.215.7[Stillwater Boots]MH: Winterchill
4.190.6[Tempest-Strider Boots]SSC: Lurker
5.190.3[Orca-Hide Boots]SSC: Leotheras
6.188.3[Boots of the Divine Light]BT trash
7.187.7[Naturewarden's Treads]BT: Essence of Anger
8.175.7[Gold-Leaf Wildboots]Kazzak
9.174.2[Veteran's Kodohide Boots](No longer available)
10.165.6[Soul-Strider Boots]SSC: Karathress
11.161.3[Forestlord Striders]Kara: Chess
12.159.9[Vindicator's Ringmail Sabatons]17,850, 40
13.157.6[Enchanted Leather Sandals]MH: Anetheron
14.156.5[Archbishop's Slippers]MH: Anetheron
15.154.2[Boots of the Incorrupt]Kara: Aran
16.147.1[Wavefury Boots]Heroic Slave Pens: Rokmar
17.146.3[Auchenai Boots]Quest
18.144.0[Veteran's Ringmail Sabatons](No longer available)
19.137.1[Jeweled Boots of Sanctification]Shattered Halls: O'mrogg
20.131.9[Light-Woven Slippers]Sethekk Halls: Syth
21.122.1[Boots of the Pious]Heroic Mechanar: Pathaleon

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1.241.0[Gloves of Unfailing Faith]BT: Essence of Anger
2.235.9[Skyshatter Gloves]MH: Azgalor
3.217.1[Worldstorm Gauntlets]TK: Solarian
4.209.6[Botanist's Gloves of Growth]BT: Gorefiend
5.194.7[Polished Waterscale Gloves]60
6.194.0[Cataclysm Gloves]SSC: Leotheras
7.183.1[Gloves of Centering]Kara: Maiden
8.180.9[Cyclone Gloves]Kara: Curator
9.167.0[Spiritwalker Gauntlets]BT: Shade of Akama
10.156.6[Vengeful Gladiator's Ringmail Gauntlets]1,125
11.145.2[Fathomheart Gauntlets]Steamvault: Kalithresh
12.145.1[Gloves of Saintly Blessings]Kara: Attumen
13.144.2[Prismatic Mittens of Mending]Botanica: Sarannis
14.140.7[Merciless Gladiator's Ringmail Gauntlets]978
15.122.6[Gladiator's Ringmail Gauntlets]10,500, 20
16.120.8[Gloves of the Living Touch]Crafted (BoE)
17.111.8[Natural Mender's Wraps]Heroic Crypts: Avatar

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Source Key
BT = Black Temple
MH = Mount Hyjal
SSC = Serpentshrine Cavern
TK = Tempest Keep: Eye
= Arena points
= Honor points


Anonymous said...


why do you put

[Tempest-Strider Boots]


[Forestlord Striders]

is it purely down to the mana regen then?

with 2 royal nightseye in them, the healing goes up quite a bit and you still have +4 mana.

is it all about +mana?

Im just starting out as a resto shaman and would like any explanation.

thx for the blog. i use it every day :)

Yiva said...

Will you be doing an update with the items from patch 2.4? I surely hope so! I think this is the best shaman gear site there is!

Anonymous said...

what about chest and legs from BOJ?

Anonymous said...

1stly id like to thank you for making a nice site for healers. Youve really done a good job.

I think in chest you've forgotten to add the new badge gear "wave of life chest guard".

Hopefully you will keep updating this list.