Thursday, November 8, 2007

Healing Gear: Finger, Neck, Trinket

The following are ratings of gear for the finger, neck and trinket slots. Values are calculated using the weights listed in Healing Gear: General and the methods described in Comparing Healing Gear.


1.196.6[Band of the Eternal Restorer]MH: Exalted
2.167.6[Band of the Eternity]MH: Revered
3.159.8[Blessed Band of Karabor]BT trash
4.153.0[Band of the Eternity]MH: Honored
5.147.2[Phoenix-Ring of Rebirth]TK: Al'ar
6.146.9[Signet of the Quiet Forest]ZA: Timed chest
7.146.0[Naaru Lightwarden's Band]Magtheridon
8.141.9[Band of the Eternity]MH: Friendly
9.134.4[Signet of Ancient Magics]ZA: Akil'zon
10.132.7[Ring of Calming Waves]BT: Naj'entus
11.129.9[Vindicator's Band of Salvation]15,300, 10
12.123.8[Jade Ring of the Everliving]Kara: Prince
13.120.3[Band of Halos]25
13.120.3[Witches Band]Headless Horseman
15.119.2[Band of the Crystalline Void]Heroic Mana Tomb: Yor
16.113.3[Coral Band of the Revived]SSC: Vashj
17.111.3[Veteran's Band of Salvation]11,934, 10
18.107.4[Violet Signet of the Grand Restorer]Kara: Exalted
19.103.2[Ring of Convalescence]Honor Hold: Revered
19.103.2[Ancestral Band]Thrallmar: Revered
20.101.6[Violet Signet]Kara: Revered
21.115.0[Celestial Jewel Ring]Quest
22.93.4[Violet Signet]Kara: Honored
23.92.5[Cosmic Lifeband]Mechanar: Sepethrea
24.91.3[Mender's Heart Ring]Kara: Illhoof
25.90.1[Ring of Flowing Light]Kazzak
26.85.4[Signet of Unshakable Faith]Kara: Moroes
27.82.4[Violet Signet]Kara: Friendly
28.82.1[Keeper's Ring of Piety]Quest
29.73.3[Band of the Vigilant]SSC: Morogrim

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1.161.8[Nadina's Pendant of Purity]BT: Shahraz
2.156.0[Lord Sanguinar's Claim]TK: Kael'thas
3.138.9[Vindicator's Pendant of Salvation]15,300, 10
4.137.7[Brooch of Nature's Mercy]ZA: Akil'zon
5.127.7[Teeth of Gruul]Gruul
6.121.8[Emberspur Talisman]Kara: Nightbane
7.120.3[Veteran's Pendant of Salvation]11,934, 10
8.114.8[Archaic Charm of Presence]Doomwalker
9.112.2[Necklace of Eternal Hope]25
10.108.4[Sethekk Oracle's Focus]Quest
11.102.7[Natasha's Guardian Cord]Quest
12.99.6[Living Ruby Pendant]Crafted (BoE)
13.98.6[Necklace of Resplendent Hope]Heroic Hillsbrad: Epoch Hunter
14.93.3[Shining Chain of the Afterworld]Kara: Netherspite
15.85.1[Medallion of the Lightbearer]Aldor: Exalted

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Note: Proc-based and "on use" items can be difficult to quantify. Assumptions for purposes of this analysis were based upon reported performance.
1.237.8[Alchemist's Stone]Crafted (BoP)
2.219.4[Memento of Tyrande]BT: Illidan
3.157.3[Tome of Diabolic Remedy]ZA: Malacrass
4.147.1[Figurine - Talasite Owl]Crafted (BoP)
5.145.4[Eye of Gruul]Gruul
6.133.5[Essence of the Martyr]41
7.130.0[Pendant of the Violet Eye]Kara: Aran
8.126.8[Fathom-Brooch of the Tidewalker]SSC: Karathress
9.118.6[Fel Reaver's Piston]TK: Void Reaver
10.112.9[Warp-Scarab Brooch]Heroic Mana Tombs: Shaffar
11.111.6[Rejuvenating Gem]BWL: Drakes
12.108.1[Scarab of the Infinite Cycle]Black Morass: Aeonus
13.101.7[Lower City Prayerbook]Lower City: Revered
14.90.4[Heavenly Inspiration]Quest
15.89.3[Auslese's Light Channeler]Blood Furnace: Broggok
16.88.5[Oshu'gun Relic]Quest
17.88.0[Battlemaster's Perseverance]75
17.88.0[Battlemaster's Perseverance]30,000, 40
18.85.5[Ribbon of Sacrifice]Kara: Opera
19.81.1[Shard of the Scale]Onyxia
20.61.2[Figurine - Living Ruby Serpent]Crafted (BoP)

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Source Key
BT = Black Temple
BWL = Blackwing Lair
MH = Mount Hyjal
SSC = Serpentshrine Cavern
TK = Tempest Keep: Eye
= Arena points
= Honor points


Matt said...

OI just looked at your armory and I have to ask...

After seeing your math, how can you justify NOT being an alchemist with the Alchemy Stone?

BTw, I love your site, it has so much useful info information. Keep up the great work!

Draezele said...

The basis for the Alchemy Stone's rating is the assumption that you're chain-chugging mana pots throughout the fight. Because my guild tends to run healer-heavy, I'm almost never having mana issues and therefore rarely need to use a potion. Without that effect, the Alchemy Stone is not a very effective trinket compared to the others. Otherwise, I'd definitely make the switch.

Anonymous said...

One comment on the finger slot. This must be some kind if mistake but how can the Celestial Jewel Ring (ranked nr 16) be ranked higher than the Ring of Convalescence (ranked 20) when the Ring of Convalescence has the same stats only better in every area?

Draezele said...

I entered the stats for the Celestial Jewel Ring incorrectly, which inflated its value. I've now corrected it in the newest version. Thanks for the catch!

Bucake said...

I was wondering why fathombrooch of the tidewalker and fel piston were rated lower than eye of gruul and pendant of the violet eye? I use both the fel piston and fathombrooch and they proc very frequently and off my chain heals too. I have Pendant of the violet eye, eye of gruul and even essence of the martyr and i've found that the piston and fathombrooch work far better than the others (especially when used together). Also, i use your site almost everyday to check on gear upgrades and i've found it to be the most helpful out of any other site. TYVM for your help and research.


Krash said...

Why is the Ribbon of Sacrifice rated so poorly? It has a nice passive state, and the on-use offers great synergy with chain heal. I picked up the trinket from Aran, and I am hesitant to ditch the ribbon for it.

Banksia said...

Hi, I was wondering why 'Vial of the Sunwell' isn't up here amongst the trinkets, it sure was a blessing to me when I was starved for Mp5...
Great site by the way ^^ nice to see all the numbers set out in an easily-readable format like this.

Anonymous said...

Would Llllooovvveeee a WotLK update if you get a chance. brilliant stuff here!