Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Updated Healing Gear Rankings

Now that all of the Season 3 gear is available, I've updated my gear ranking posts and have uploaded a revised version of my spreadsheet to FileFront.

Files and individual pages were updated again on 12/18/07 with additional corrections.

The notable changes are:

  • Corrections/additions to gear (many leather healing items on the PTR had their mana/5 changed to Spirit before going "live," plus the Vindicator's Kodohide items are class-restricted)
  • Minor formula corrections
  • Reduction of importance of haste rating from 1:2 to 1:4. This is largely a personal preference, but most discussions regarding haste seem to value a 4-5% reduction in casting time as roughly equal to a 1% improvement in longevity or raw healing output.
The updated postings can be accessed through the link on the sidebar, or through the following links:
Back Hands Off-Hand Waist
Chest Head Shoulder Wrist
Feet Legs Totem Weapon (1H)
Finger Neck Trinket Weapon (2H)

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